Friday, November 27, 2009

The DVD is in the Warehouse!

The DVD has arrived at the warehouse just in time for Christmas! We will begin shipping immediately. The small quilt on the left is the project that you can make as you watch the DVD and follow along with the workshop.

Where has this month gone? One moment it was Halloween, and the next time I looked up from my computer it is almost Thanksgiving. I don't think I slept through it so I expect my personal whirlwind has absorbed the month when I wasn't paying attention.

I have been looking forward to November all year. I am not scheduled to travel again until mid-January when I will be teaching at Road to California. Until then, I am anticipating a few uninterrupted hours bonding with my sewing machine once again.

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BonnieMcCaffery said...

This is a fantastic DVD - I filmed it. I can say without bias that Brenda is very detailed and shows you exactly how to make this project.