Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On The Road Again!

I was able to dodge the ash plume from Mt Redoubt and fly out to Colorado for a few days of classes in Grand Junction and Montrose, CO.

The ladies in Montrose enjoyed two classes. Thursday the ladies constructed Hunter Star quilts. Friday, they got a good start on Fireworks quilts.

Why is it that quilt classes often look like sweat shops?

Saturday brought two classes at the Quilter's Corner in Grand Junction. What a day! Awesome quilts were the reward for a day of class. Gorgeous!

Thank you ladies for allowing me to take your photograph. Yes, I did ask if any were in the witness protection program before taking their picture.

After much angst, I did arrive home in Anchorage on my scheduled flight. Mt Redoubt has been sporadically erupting and the airlines have been canceling flights as necessary to avoid the ash cloud which can destroy jet engines.

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