Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They're Here!!

I am so psyched! My book was sent off to Steve at the print shop and he got it turned around in no time at all!! Confession time again. The books have been delivered to my warehouse in Minnesota. I hope to see the first box on my doorstep in Alaska tomorrow. That FedEx dude is always welcome at my house, it's like Christmas when books arrive. Rather like a new baby without the physical pain!

The books were delivered late this afternoon. If you have pre-ordered books, they will start leaving the warehouse tomorrow.

The projects in this book differ from the first Strip Therapy book in that a larger yardage of accent fabric was used when constructing each of the quilts, resulting in larger quilts.

The bags introduced were so fun and so fast! Strip Therapy 3 ~ Bali Pop Obsession will also contain a couple of bag patterns.

The first two quilts from Obsession are being bound. Progress is made. I am hoping for delivery of Obsession May 1.

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